Could this potentially signify the onset of perimenopause? I’m talking about those sudden bouts of intense heat – yes, those unmistakable hot flashes. It seems like perimenopause might be paying you a visit, my friend. 

Imagine this scene: A woman in her 40s, maybe much like yourself, steps into my pleasantly cool office (you’re welcome for that) and confesses, “I can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep, I’m dealing with bouts of anxiety, unwelcome weight gain, and oh boy, I’m practically drenched in sweat whenever I’m not in here. And let’s not even discuss my skin – it’s a whole ordeal.”

Alright, alright. The good news is, all of this actually has a name. Sure, you might be around 41, but dear Betty, you’re smack in the middle of perimenopause.

For us healthcare providers, the shock and bewilderment that often follow can only be eased through a thorough, transparent conversation about the nitty-gritty details of what’s unfolding within you and what potential courses of action are available. Trust me, there’s a lot to take into account.

And I genuinely understand where you’re coming from. Many women tend to brush their symptoms aside, considering them as just a part of “normal life,” especially when their friends are going through something similar. But have you ever stopped to ponder – is it really all that normal?

There’s also this peculiar sort of medical hesitation when it comes to suggesting solutions for women. Hormones wield significant power, and regrettably, so does sexism.

“Why wasn’t hormone therapy recommended to me?”

… you might wonder. Well, a long time ago, scientific studies shed light on how specific hormones could negatively affect particular groups of women. Society took that information and ran with it, and now we’re only just slowing down to see the bigger picture.

In fact, as recent as last week, a fresh set of studies, hot off the press, further bolstered the notion that hormones can indeed be both safe and effective, provided they’re used properly and tailored to the individual.

Our grasp of hormones and their utilization isn’t stuck in the same place it was two decades ago. Our medical professionals are exceptionally well-versed in assisting you in navigating this seemingly intricate realm of hormones, making it a lot less daunting than it may seem.

Hormone Therapy

But do you absolutely need to go the hormone route? Frankly, no. If, for whatever reason, hormone treatment doesn’t sit well with you, please know that we’re staunchly supportive of your decision. There might even be medical explanations for why hormones aren’t the right path for you. There’s a myriad of effective alternatives – from lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes to stress management techniques, non-hormonal solutions, and herbal remedies – all available to provide relief.

Further down below, you’ll find an overview on hormones for some more in-depth reading. Additionally, there are questionnaires that could aid in figuring out whether what you’re experiencing is truly just a facet of “normal life.”

Give it a go, Betty. Chances are, you’ll find yourself on the path to feeling much better in no time – in a flash, you could say.


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